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We build effective strategies to help you reach customers and prospects across the entire web. We serve businesses in Florida, the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, and all over the world. We do SEO,  Social Media, Web Design, Internet Marketing Services, Corporate or Wedding Photo & Video (including Funeral Livestream) as a specialty.

We are experts at professional website design or website re-design to be an effective salesperson that works 24/7.

Turn your visitors into customers with our highly experienced team of experts. We'll analyze your website and create a conversion-rate strategy.

Analyzing negative materials about your brand online and addressing them with sentiment analysis and press release distribution.

Search Engine Optimization is very important. Our SEO strategies give you a high-ranking in search results on the web.

Pay-Per-Click marketing fast and cost-effective. We are experts and managing your PPC!

Customers are always connecting with brands through social media. SMM brings remarkable success to any business.

Allow us to do your wedding and corporate photography and videography and capture lifetime moments.

Businesses need to interact with their customers through social media. Let us manage this for you.

Engage with your audience through great, original content to attract customers and increase sales.


Appear On the Front Page of Google!

We offer professional SEO services that help websites increase their organic search score drastically in order to compete for the highest rankings — even when it comes to highly competitive keywords.
Updated November 18, 2021

Updated November 18, 2021

Like water for your business in a very hot desert!

“If You’ve Never Tried Digital Marketing to get sales for your business, Then You’re in for a Marvelous Surprise…”

Most people have conventional marketing to get more leads – but those who succeed are doing something a little different…


Dear business owner,

If you’re like most business owners, then you’re probably trying to do all your marketing yourself. 

That’s definitely a decent solution. You’ve gained the support of mom, dad, a few friendly neighbors, and a few high school friends.

But there’s one huge, looming problem…

If you don’t get more leads, then you can’t make more sales, you can’t pay your staff, and guess what, you go home hungry… a real big problem.

In other words, doing this thing all by yourself or even in your spare time ain't gonna cut it, and you know it. For one it is time-consuming, and where do I get all that content, and you mean, I have to reply to messages, and keep track of orders, and maintain all these channels. Oh my God!…. Gi me a break. O, the website, don’t forget the website... I forgot to make my payment [ pulls hair ]…

You know what I’m talking, about right?

Too many business owners feel tired, drained, and confused as it concerns putting together a marketing rollout for brand recognition, lead generation, and customer acquisition while focusing on all the other million and one things you must do in a business to keep the revenue coming. It’s time-consuming, and because you’re not an expert it’s like throwing money down the toilet and hoping something works, now you’re madder because you’ve busted the budget and you are nowhere near your business goals.

If you only had some creative ideas, but you have so many things on your plate that you can’t even think straight much less to do something ….. different, you know different, right!

It’s enough to make you want to give up!

But wait – it doesn’t have to be that way…

Instead of trying to figure out this mess (all by yourself), imagine if you were able to do it faster, easier, better and at a less cost than what you are doing now? (Heavenly music).  Would that interest you?

Here’s your answer: We offer affordable Done For You solutions or we can Teach You How. Our platform, whichever you choose will cause you to have all the leads you can handle and more.

Here Are Three Good Reasons Why Digital Marketing, SEO, and Social Media Is The Best Way to get more leads…

Reason 1: “This is the fastest way to get new customers, consistently.”

You see Social Media Outreach, Search Engine Marketing and Digital Integrated Marketing leverages cutting-edge technology, platforms, and methods and allow research, new developments in marketing to be at your fingertips faster and cheaper.

Reason 2: “This is the easiest way to get new customers.”

Online marketing has made the turnaround time to develop marketing strategies not only faster but easier. It allows for easier collaboration with business owners and their teams and easy access to customers who are ready to buy, twenty-four hours, seven days a week all year round, even when business doors are closed and the staff has gone home, and people have reclined to their private homes; you can still easily get new customers.

Reason 3: “This strategy produces awesome results.”

Internet Marketing simply has more reach, and it makes sense. Over 3 billion people are online, and the other 4 billion are itching to get their hands on this technology soon. Soon you will have a market beyond what you can imagine for your products and services. This is true for global marketing as it is for local marketing, and targeting specific demographics, such as parents of students in high school, people who live in a particular city, real estate agents, etc. This is awesome.

You can see there are a whole lot of benefits to growing your business with our marketing strategies.  And that’s why you’re going to want to get a hold of this solution…

Our Offer


Hire us to Do It for You


A done for you, well-managed digital marketing service to small, medium, and large businesses looking to grow and scale to the next level, and would rather have us deal with all the stress.

Start Here


Learn How to Do it Yourself


Learn the methods and the blueprint to gain solid traction with new leads, and customers and how to do it yourself. This is ideal for those doing consulting, training, or service business and wants to scale fast and have the time to do it themselves.

Start Here


Introducing Dfibrand– The Sure Way to Get More Customers Without Having to Pull out your hair!


Dfibrand eliminates having to do things the old inefficient way, and start doing marketing in a better way!

Here’s what you get when you order now:



  • You’ll get a done for you service that you can count on to get a constant supply of qualified leads for your business– no more guesswork!
  • Don’t have a big budget? No problem – you’ll find out our plans are cost effective and value for money.
  • You’ll discover the quick and easy way to increase sales.
  • You’ll get my personal system implemented for getting consistent leads!


  • You’ll learn the one thing you should NEVER do if you want to get a good results or what you MUST do if you want to get good results.
  • You’ll get a complete list of resources, tools and gear that makes getting good results easier than ever!

And much, much more – our offer gives you everything you need to start doing marketing the smarter way better, and more effectively!


So, you’re liking what you see. You know our strategy would create really good results for you.  But you have a question – how much is it?

Click the link! It’s a no brainer…


Full Service Digital Marketing Agency | Miramar Digital Marketing Services Miami


Appear On the Front Page of Google!

We offer professional SEO services that help websites increase their organic search score drastically in order to compete for the highest rankings — even when it comes to highly competitive keywords.

Maximize your presence on search engine results pages on a local scale.

Google Maps Optimization is an important part for your local marketing strategy.
Link building is a tremendously important component of Search Engine Optimization.
Paid listings on Google AdWords can help you reach new customers.
Our team specializes in affordable web design and e-commerce.
Custom email templates that speak to your customers and resonate with your brand.
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Web Design Agency  Seo Services Agency Social Media Manager Digital Marketing Services

Web Design Agency 

Web Design Agency in Miramar | Miami

A modern web design or website plays a very important role in being a key salesperson, bringing in revenue, via providing engagement, directing leads through your sales process, and providing advertising that is available year-round 24/7. At Dfibrand Digital Marketing Services, SEO, and Social Media Agency, we know that digital assets do even more, and can do even much more with our expertise. We make websites for our clients that model best industry practices and provide great results.

A Website Making - Website Design Agency

As a web agency, there are many different website design services that we could offer to enhance your company or marketing activities. Here is a listing of some of the main web services we provide in the area of website making and design. If you are not too clear about all the jargon, please feel to send a message to one of our team members. We do everything related to making and managing a website, yes, everything; we call it website making. Just to be clear!

Website Design

A website design offers you a brand-new site to display information about your business. Web designs have been useful in presenting businesses to the public. Having your very own website as a company, whether it is small, medium or enterprise is very crucial to doing any form of commerce online or offline in this era, and is worth every bit of investment.

Website Re-Design

Sometimes, your company website is old and jaded or needs some adjusting to the new rules of the internet. In this case, a website redesign would be most appropriate for your business.

Whether it is a redesign service, or a new website is provided, there are some common considerations. Here are a few: 1. the look and feel of the site, this is your site's personality and will tie in with your brand. 2. the overall size of the site. Whether it is for a small business, medium establishment, or enterprise, and the number of pages, and of finally, 3. the content and purpose of the site. The latter determines if more specialized programming or development is needed among other things if it's an eCommerce site, or a content management system, or another form of setup. All of these things can be confusing if you get into the details, so it's best you leave it to the professionals. You tell us what you want, we tell you the price, we get it done. Simple!

Everything you possibly need in a web agency - we have it.

There have been times when customers don't need a new website but only to improve their current design to include any of the following: Graphics, Call to Actions (CTAs), Improve on Speed or usability, Include Payment/Checkout processing. Either way, this web redesign adds value to your business.

Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design Services are crucial to setting up winning Google Ads and to be effective in Direct Advertising. Your landing page has to be professional and very effective and should include some very important elements: These include call tracking, conversion tracking code, and responsive design.

We offer website designs, PPC management, eCommerce design, responsive web solutions, website maintenance, social media management, and more. Your web design assets are some of the most dedicated staff you will have - they work 24/7 and are always on time.

Seo Services Agency

Miami Seo Services | Seo Services Company in Miramar | Miami Florida

Hey, are you interested in getting more traffic to your business without breaking the bank, then try to schedule a meeting with me, I have a valuable opportunity that changes your business. We offer professional SEO services that help websites increase their organic search score drastically in order to compete for the highest rankings — even when it comes to highly competitive keywords.  

Seo Services Miami | Miramar Florida

Welcome to the one-stop for Social Media and Digital Marketing. We have been serving digital marketing clients since 2016 and have had great successes.! We are an up and coming full-service digital marketing company and social media agency, that launched our international branch on January 15th of this year, in the USA. We are originally based out of Kingston & St. Andrew, Jamaica, and have had over 20 years of multifaceted experience and training in the Digital Marketing, Entertainment, and Production industry. So, whether you are in Florida City, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, St. Petersburg, Fort Lauderdale, Tallahassee, Clearwater, or any other city in the USA, we are able to help. The digital marketplace, with Google, Bing, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon among many other key players has come front and center and can be no longer ignored. The creative enterprise has been a key commodity for every business and that’s why you need a one stop with the right mix to do an excellent job.
With the growth in digital trends, you need a new cross-trained breed of the marketer to navigate the prospecting waters for you, and get results. Your digital footprint is absolutely important for successful business growth. If you would prefer a structured approach to managing your digital assets, then your #1 Stop is the one! If you are ready to take your digital marketing efforts to the next level, then it’s about time you reach out to us!

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager | Social Media Marketing in Miami | Miramar

We offer professional Social Media Services that help businesses like yours communicate effectively with today's consumers. With a culture and a heritage of creativity; to ignore this trend would be a misnomer for any successful business in Jamaica or the Caribbean. Great care has to be taken to not only position the brand but to also do it well. We provide social media managers who can help you in this manner.

Social Media Marketing Companies in Miami

We are different from other social media marketing companies in Jamaica. Our Social Media Marketing Services will help your business gain brand recognition, increase customer engagement and satisfaction, and drive targeted leads to your websites and through your front doors. Our social media managers make know that managing your social media presence will help you build brand loyalty, build a reputation and increase referrals.
Social Media Consultant in Miami Florida | Miramar
The second wealthiest man in history is Mark Zuckerberg. He built his fortune by solving the world's greatest problem: relationships. Social Media Websites help you to solve that problem. It is no different in Jamaica. It seems that Jamaica consumes an alarming amount of social media compared to other countries: just my hunch there. However, from a business perspective, you have much to gain and nothing to lose. Paying attention to establishing a brand online in the Jamaican diaspora shows that you are relevant, that you care, and that you are part of the Jamaican people. That too is important for branding, and that part of branding also drives sales. Get in touch with us.
Social Media Campaign Pices
One of the key things to being successful in this time is being aware of what is taking place in the area of social media, and similarly being aware of what is takingr place with your brand. Social media brand awareness is critical to developing a very effective digital strategy. Brand awareness is all about understanding your brand, and how it interacts with your community. Our social media managers will help you manage your brand. 

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services in Miami | Miramar Florida

We offer professional SEO services that help websites increase their organic search score drastically in order to compete for the highest rankings — even when it comes to highly competitive keywords. Whether it is basic or expert digital marketing, social media, or search engine optimization we have you covered. Digital marketing is any type of marketing that is delivered mainly on the internet but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium (Wikipedia, 2019). Marketing is connecting with your audience on-demand in the hope of delivering products or services. To market effectively, one has to go to where the people are. Digital marketing goes to where the people are: online. Digital marketing has become a very competitive space for marketers and has become very crowded for consumers. If you are a business and wish to start a conversation with an expert marketer, you need to go no further. Allow me some time to change your perspective. It should be very obvious that there has been a boom in internet-related marketing.
I need more traffic?

Are you saying, “I need more traffic?” Does your business need more traffic, leads, sales, or conversions? Well, we’ve got you covered. You already know that to keep your business running you need to have a constant marketing-sales process: you’ve got to get those leads coming in.

Results, results, results! To get those big results we have to work out strategic measurable steps that will deliver growth to you month by month. We can take you from zero to hero, and it’s something that can fit in your marketing budget. Hey, you can keep reading, or you can give us a call to find out what we can do to help your business.

What is social Media Marketing?

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the process of getting traffic or attention via social media websites.

Our Social Media Marketing Services will help your business gain brand recognition, increase customer engagement and satisfaction, and drive targeted leads to your websites and through your front doors. We will see that your customer profile matches your followers as best as possible in regards to interests, demographics, income, etc. Building engagement and managing your online reputation is key to increase your business. As prospects see more social proof and have a great connection through social media with their brand, trust and confidence increase and so does spending. Social media posts, tweets, replies, comments, and social media follow up will go a long way in driving more sales to your business.

Social Media Marketing not only helps you to gain customers but to keep them through to continual engagement.

What do you get in a Wedding Package?

Following quite a while of preparation and long periods of dreaming, the big day flies by in a moment. That is the reason why wedding photographers are perhaps are among your key providers needed at your wedding—they catch each second so you can clutch onto those memories for a lifetime.

Wedding photos and perhaps a video montage are the one thing you leave with from that special day!

How much does a wedding photographer or wedding videographer cost?

Depending on where you are in the USA, the cost for wedding photography can vary between $1000 to 10,000. On average prices range between 4,000 and 5,000.00 for most states.  Similarly, the cost of a wedding videographer runs in a similar range.